Your trellis is a whore
Erin McGathy: So, we'll be together forever
Dan Harmon: Seem's that way. I'm so exhausted from going out with you for just like 6 months. I just don't htink I could ever be with anyone else
Erin: Umm, like you're so romantically exhausted? Like you've blown your romantic load?
Dan: Yeah, spiritually bereft. Just depleted, nutritionally, psychologically
Erin: Oh, man
Dan: and just like collapsed
Erin: Oh boy, I guess I feel that way too. Like we're just two people in wheelchairs, no one else will have us because we just disabled each other.
Dan: So yeah, count on it
Erin: Well I feel like you and I are individually imperfect, and maybe our imperfections fit together like peanut butter and jelly on forks, where those forks would fit together, like a hinge. Like a hinge covered in peanut butter an jelly
Dan: Yeah, maybe...
Erin: I don't, let;s just fucking break up
Dan: Or maybe we're empty in both of the same places, so there's a suction
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