Your trellis is a whore
Cheryl: My last name isn't Gimple like it says on my W4. It's Tunt
Archer: Come again?... come on, nothing?
Malory: Not THE Tunts?
Lana: Wait, how do I know that name?
Cheryl: Err, ever been on a railroad?
Archer: Yes
Lana: Holy shit!
Archer: It's not a big deal, they're everywhere
Lana: Yeah
Archer: They criss-cross the nation
Lana: And her great-grandfather built them all!
Archer: Wait what?
Malory: Do you expect me to believe you're a descendent of Cornelius Tunt?
Cheryl: Yeah, all whatever, five Cornelii
Malory: And George Washington Tunt, of the Tunt-
Cheryl: The Tuntmorehouse, yes, I spent like every summer there listening to my creepy great grandmother bitch about Abraham Lincoln.
...Apparently, slavery was pretty awesome.
Malory Archer: Prove it.
Sterling Archer: What's to prove? It's free labor.
Malory Archer: Not THAT, ass. Prove you're really a Tunt.
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